Student Accomplishments

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September 2017


Greco, B.J., Meehan, C.L., Heinsius, J.L., Mench, J.A., Why pace? The influence of social, housing, management, life history, and demographic characteristics on locomotor stereotypy in zoo elephants, Journal of the International Society for Applied Ethology

August 2017


Toaff-Rosenstein, RL., Velez, M., Tucker, CB., Use of an automated grooming brush by heifers and potential for radiofrequency identification-based measurements of this behavior, Journal of Dairy Science, 2017

Dougherty, H., Kebreab, E., published The AusBeef model for beef production: I and The AusBeef model for beef production: II in The Journal of Agricultural Science, 2017

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Holland Dougherty received a Taste of America-California award.

Carlyn Peterson received the NMPF 2017 Scholarship for her study in the use of a novel methane inhibitor to improve the environmental footprint of dairy cattle


July 2017


Scott, E.Y., Mansour, T., Bellone, R., Brown, C.T., Mienaltowski, M.J., Penedo, M.C., Ross, P.J., Valberg, S.J., Murray, J.D., Finno, C.J., Identification of long non-coding RNA in the horse transcriptome

Berryhill, G.E., Lemay, D.G., Trott, J.F., Aimo, L., Lock, A.L., Hovey, R.C., The transcriptome of estrogen-independent mammary growth in female mice reveals that not all mammary glands are created equally. Endocrinology

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Vanessa Dahl received the Rusty and Kay Moody Post-Graduate Scholarship from the American Quarter Horse Foundation. She also received a 2017-18 grant from the Center for Equine Health


June 2017

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Christine Miller received the Austin Eugene Lyons Fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year

Marcela Vilarino received the Austin Eugene Lyons Fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year

Carlyn Peterson received the Lily May Richards Fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year

May 2017

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Kelly Mitchell, Kwangwook Kim and Holland Dougherty won the top three prizes of the California Animal Nutrition Conference graduate student poster and scholarship competition.

Ashley Niesen won the overall California Animal Nutrition Conference graduate student poster and scholarship competition


April 2017

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Brittany Davis awarded Best Student Oral Presentation and a Special Contribution Award for Website Development for the AFS

Carlyn Peterson received a 2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Theresa Dabruzzi received a 2016-17 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Jill Hagey awarded the 2017-18 Leland Roy Saxon and Georgia Wood Saxon Fellowship


March 2017

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Kim Miller along with Dr. Trish Berger awarded an American Jersey Cattle Association award for their "Reduced testicular estrogens in Jersey bull calves: hormonal responses to a potential stimulant of Sertoli cell proliferation" proposal

Kaleiah Schiller, incoming student, awarded the 2017-18 McNair Graduate Fellowship


February 2017


Miller, C., Meyer, D Mass balance analyses of nutrients on California dairies to evaluate data quality for regulatory review.

Moraes, L.E., Fadel, J., Hess, M., Resequencing and annotation of the Nostoc punctiforme ATTC 29133 genome: facilitating biofuel and high-value chemical production. DOI: 10.1186/s13568-017-0338-9

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Ginna C. Reyes Rodriguez was awarded the 2016-17 Miguel Velez Fellowship


December 2016


Sundberg, C., Belanger-Sandoval, J., Bannasch, D., Famula, T., Oberbauer, A., Gonadectomy effects on the risk of immune disorders in the dog: a retrospective study. BMC Vet Res DOI: 10.1186/s12917-016-0911-5

Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Kelly Mitchell received the Dr. Alexander J. Kutches Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Niesen received the CA ARPAS memorial Fund Scholarship

David Myers awarded the CA ARPAS/LAGE Scholarship

Alexa Johnson awarded the CA ARPAS/LAGE Scholarship

Sarah Klopatek received a Livestock Memorial Research Fund Scholarship


November 2016


Tresoldi, G., Schutz, K.E., Tucker, C.B., Assessing heat load in drylot dairy cattle: Refining on-farm sampling methodology. Journal of Dairy Science


October 2016


Bogliotti, Y., Vilarino, M. Ross, P., Laser-assisted Cytoplasmic Microinjection in Livestock Zygotes. JoVE doi: 10.3791/54465

Scott, E.Y., Penedo, M.C.T., Murray, J.D. and Finno, C.J. (2016). "Defining Trends in Global Gene Expression in Arabian Horses with Cerebellar Abiotrophy". Te Cerebellum : DOI 10.1007/s12311-016-0823-8


Holland Dougherty interviewed by the SoCal Restaurant Show regarding her award of the James Beard National Scholars Award


Fellowships, Awards & Grants

Anna Naranjo received the California Strawberry Growers Scholarship award for 2016-17


September 2016


Johnson, A.C.B., Reed, K.F., Kebreab, E., Short communication-Evaluation of nitrogen excretion equations from cattle J. Dairy Sci. 99:1-10

Berryhill, G., Brust-Mascher, I., Huynh, J., Famula, T., Reardon, C., Hovey, R., A Convenient Method for Evaluating Epithelial Cell Proliferation in the Whole Mammary Glands of Female Mice". Endrocine

Darr, C., Cortopassi, G.A., Datta, S., Varner, D.D., Meyers, S., Mitochondrial oxygen consumption is a unique indicator of stallion spermatozoal health and varies with cryopreservation media ScienceDirect


Fellowships, Awards & Grants

The following students received the Henry A., Jastro Research Award for the 2016-17 year- Kevin Bolek, Liza Gershony, Ahmed Mahdi, Erika Paulson, Monica Pechanec, Delia Soto, Grazyne Tresoldi, Marcela Vilarino