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Requirements for Ph.D.

Requirements for Ph.D. in Animal Biology

1. Coursework

  • Integrated Animal Biology I and II (ABG 200A, 200B, (3 units each))
  • Interdisciplinary Area of Interest (8-20 units) at least 6 units should be graded graduate level (>200) course work.
  • Statistical and Research Methods (at least 6 units graded graduate level (>200) from a series): PLS 205/206 recommended
  • Scientific Writing/Grant Writing (1 course): ABG 202, NPB 270 or NUT 492C recommended
  • Ethics and Professionalism in Animal Biology (ABG401, 2 units)
  • Disciplinary Seminar (2 quarters)
  • Teaching experience and course for guidance (ABG 300 recommended

2. Pass Preliminary Exam

3. Pass Qualifying Exam

4. Completion of an original research project written as a Ph.D. dissertation.

A minimum of annual meetings with the mentoring committee are required before and after the qualifying examination but more frequent meetings are encouraged for the most benefit to the student. Student will orally discuss completed dissertation with their committee in a private meeting and present an exit seminar on the dissertation research.

Ph.D. Admissions