5 ABG Graduate Students Receive Awards from ARPAS

October 25, 2019

5 Animal Biology Graduate Students, Carlyn Peterson (PhD; Mitloehner), Sarah Klopatek (PhD; Oltjen), Ashley Niesen (PhD; Rossow), Randy Edwards (MS; Rossow), and Christine Sousa (MS; Rossow) received scholarship awards from ARPAS this year. They each presented at the annual Conintuing Education Conferene of the California Chapter in October at Harris Ranch in Coalings, CA. 

Anne Todgham and Mandy Frazier in Antarctica

November 09, 2018

Anne Todgham and her research team are down at McMurdo Station with the US Antarctic Program this fall. This NSF-funded project is hoping to better understand the biochemical and physiological capacity of early life stages of fishes to cope with multiple co-occuring stressors predicted by climate change, ocean warming and CO2-acidification.