Carolyn L. Stull

  • Extension Specialist: Animal Welfare - School of Veterinary Medicine
Physiology and behavior focused on the welfare of agricultural animals including horses, in areas such as housing, transport, environment and handling. Research in refeeding and nutritional rehabilitation programs for starved horses and other animals.

Janet Roser

  • Professor
  • Department of Animal Science
My present research program addresses the endocrine/paracrine/autocrine events in the mare, stallion, boar, elephant and other exotics that operate to initiate, sustain and regulate target organs. My approach is to investigate the role and mechanism of action of reproductive hormones on inducing a cellular response at the level of the pituitary, gonads and embryo. In addition, we are exploring the paracrine/autocrine system that modulates cellular responses. By understanding the control of normal reproductive events, it will then be possible to elucidate the basis of endocrine dysfunction associated with reproductive failure.

Holly B. Ernest

  • Associate Professor in Residence
  • Wildlife Genetics, Department of Population Health and Reproduction - School of Veterinary Medicine
Conservation genetics, population genetics, immunogenetics, disease susceptibility genomics, disease ecology, forensic genetics. Free-ranging species of management concern in California. Threatened and endangered species. Carnivores, wild pigs, raptors (birds of prey) and corvids (magpies, crows, and relatives). Special interests in Yellow-billed Magpies, Swainson's Hawks, Mountain Lions.