Requirements for a Plan II M.S. in Animal Biology

  1. A minimum of 36 units of course work (100 and 200 level).

    Of those 36 units,
    • At least 18 units should be graded graduate level (>200) course work
    • a minimum of 9 additional units of graded course work (100 or 200 level)
    • a minimum of 6 units should be Animal Biology 299, Graduate Research Units (per University regulations a maximum of 9 units will be counted toward the 36 unit requirement)
    • a minimum of 2 units should be Animal Biology 290, Graduate Research Seminar
  2. A paper written in scientific format and signed off by major professor.
  3. Pass an oral exam covering the breadth of Animal Biology and an area of depth.

  Click this link to download the M.S. Mentoring Form Image: Portable document format (.pdf)