Breanna Roque

Breanna Roque

Animal Biology Graduate Group Student


Major Professor: Ermias Kebreab

Home department: Animal Science


  • Ph.D Animal Biology in progress
  • M.S. Animal Biology in progress

Research interests

Development of environmentally sustainable animal production models. Whole systems approach to reduce waste and emissions, while increasing financial stability in animal production and enhancement of nutrient utilization & determination of immunological effects, in dairy cattle, through alternative feeds.


Roque, BM., Salwen, JK., Kinley, R., Kebreab, E. 2019. Includion of Asparagopsis armata in lactating dairy cows; diet reduces enteric methane emission by over 50 percent. J Cleaner Production 

Roque, BM., van Lingen, HJ., Vrancken, J., Kebreab, E. (In Review) Rapid Communication: Effect of Mootral(TM)-a garlic and citrus extract based feed additive-on enteric methane production in feedlot cattle.

Roque, BM., Brooke, CG., Ladau, J., Polley, T., Marsh, L., Najafi, N., Pandey, P., Singh, L., Salwen, JK., Eloe-Fadrosh, E., Kebreab, E., Hess, M 2019. Effect of the macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformison methane production and the rumen microbiome assemblage. Animal Microbiome.

Roque, BM., Reyes, G.C., Tewoldebrhan, T.A., Apphuamy, J.A.D.R.N., Lee, J-J., Seo, S., Kebreab, E.. 2019. Exogenous b-mannanase supplementation improved immunological and metabolic responses in lactating dairy cows. J.Dairy Science.

Roque, BM., Appuhamy, J.A.D.R.N., Kebreab, E. 2017. Role of exogenous enzymes supplementation to improve nutrition and health of ruminants. Broadening Horizons.