Danika L. Bannasch

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Population Health and Reproduction - School of Veterinary Medicine
Molecular basis of inherited diseases in companion animals; developing polymorphic markers for the canine Y chromosomes to understand the relationship between different dog breeds.
260 CCAH


Richard A. Blatchford

  • Assistant Poultry Extension Specialist
  • Department of Animal Science
My research focus is on the husbandry, behavior, and welfare of small to large scale poultry production. I am particularly interested in understanding the challenges facing small scale and backyard poultry flocks as well as the impacts of housing systems on poultry health and welfare on large scale facilities. I am also interested in developing on farm assessment tools for producers to monitor the health and welfare of their own flocks.
2121 Meyer Hall

Hao Cheng

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Animal Science
Development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for quantitative and statistical genetics, including genomic prediction and genome-wide association studies. Development of software tools for whole-genome analyses. Statistical models for –omic data.
2239 Meyer Hall