Bo Zhang

Increasing fermentation acids and protein produced by rumen microbes; currently working on how rumen microbes ferment feed and produce protein digested by cattle. Major Professor: Timothy Hackmann

Matthew Klein

Quantifying and reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to beef cattle production, improved forage production and grazing management and agricultural policy with a focus on improving connections between various stakeholders. Major Professor: Frank Mitloehner

Leah Mellinger

  • Animal Biology Graduate Group Student
I am interested in how fish respond to environmental stressors ranging from biotic (such as parasites and pathogens) to abiotic (such as poor water quality and toxicants) and using those responses to map population health and potentially develop management tools for assessing population health. With the increasing threat of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors, developing strategies to assess how fish populations are coping is incredibly important. I am specifically interested in assessing Chinook salmon smolt physiological stress levels during their migration and smoltification as well as assessing forage fish species population health.

Catherine McVey

  • Animal Biology Graduate Group Student
Interested in developing novel algorithmic approaches to extracting indicators of behavior, welfare, and personality from livestock big data streams. Major Professor: Kristina Horback